Fine Art  |  Anne Bastedo

Anne Bastedo

I am a Canadian artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have always loved photography after receiving the gift of a Brownie box camera back in the 1960's. Little did I know then that I should have kept that camera. It would now be an antique!

My legal career has been very analytically focused and I always enjoyed the creative pastime of photography, gradually moving from the Brownie to a Minolta SLR, and then various Canon DSLR cameras. I now work with a Canon G12 and a Canon Rebel. I've become more and more excited about photography as the years have passed.

Because of my love of nature, my photography was originally focused on the outdoors, both landscapes and details in nature. More recently my range of subjects has broadened to include architecture, dance, some portraiture and photographing almost anything when I travel.

Photography has become the catalyst to my learning, and my experience of the world. I can't look at anything anymore without wanting to photograph it!

I capture and pass on to others through photographs the excitement I feel about what I am seeing.

My photographs live in collections in the United Kingdom,Germany, Florida and Maryland, throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada.