Fine Art  |  Odd Jobs by Brandt Eisner & Susan Malmstrom

Odd Jobs by Brandt Eisner & Susan Malmstrom

The figures of Brandt Eisner and Susan Malmstrom’s collaborative series Odd Jobs labour at their occupations, carried out in distorted, hyperreal settings.  For each image, the artists offer their take on what troubling dreams these characters – all of whom are portrayed by Eisner – might experience.  In addition to their own occupational hazards, the characters also face various social and environmental disasters that currently confront waking life in contemporary society.

Eisner is known throughout the Halifax region for his whimsical, sometimes over-the-top wearable art, a skill used to produce the characters and settings for each image.  Malmstrom has concentrated on photography and installation for over 25 years.  After working with Eisner to set the scene for each image, she edited and produced the final works using digital media.  Odd Jobs is the first collaborative effort between the two artists, who consider the series an ongoing work in progress.